About Us

We are a set of librarians dedicated to promoting the necessity of Libraries in the knowledge economy. We strive to change perceptions about libraries as esoteric places used just when exams are round the corner. We push to get people to buy in and see libraries as valuable institutions that drive the Knowledge Economy; as institutions that drive development, and that are absolutely important. We advocate for the repositioning of, and support for libraries by government and other decision makers. We also present libraries as trusted allies that can partner with NGOs and other institutions for sustainable development

Our Activities and Style

We operate mainly online through TweetChats, blog and Facebook posts, but we are spreading our wings to run physical programmes and projects

Core Values

We believe in, and hold the following in high esteem:

    • Team Work


    • Honesty


    • Transparency


    • Dedication


    • Sacrifice


    • Commitment


    • Excellence