Who We Are

We are a set of librarians dedicated to promoting the necessity of Libraries in the knowledge economy. We strive to change perceptions about libraries as esoteric places used just when exams are round the corner


Our Activities & Style

We operate mainly online through TweetChats, blog and Facebook posts, but we are spreading our wings to run physical programmes and projects

Our Core Values

Team Work | Honesty | Transparency | Dedication | Sacrifice | Commitment | Excellence

Want To Be A Library Advocate?

...then believe in, and promote the importance of free and equitable access to information in a democratic society. Believe in, and promote the fact that libraries and librarians are vital to the future of an information literate nation. Speak out for libraries!



Everyone deserves information to exist functionally and attain the desired objectives. When one knows what goes on around him, there will be no apathy because it is the lack of information that makes one feel dejected, disadvantaged, unaccepted and unacknowledged. Information engagement processes that give everyone the opportunity to improve, restore human dignity and take […]

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Background Information Monkeypox is a rare viral disease caused by a double-stranded DNA, zoonotic virus of the genus Orthopoxvirus in the family Poxviridae, called monkeypox virus (MPXV). It afflicts humans with symptoms similar to smallpox. The first recorded identification of the virus was in Copenhagen, Denmark, when State Serum Institute was investigating a disease among […]

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In recent times no one seems to talk about private libraries as much as other library types like, public, school, special, academic and national libraries. Private libraries are those libraries owned, financed and are taken care of by individuals. Private libraries are ‘spring boards’ for better articulation and utilization of other libraries from a tender […]

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Everyone has a personality that reflects his/her identity. This identity influences internal and external interactions, exhibited in belief systems, behaviours, characteristics and values. This personality so demonstrated is regarded as culture, which according to Fluery (2009) is the values and meanings that influence human behaviour and practices. Meanwhile, the collective values, norms, belief system and […]

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Our Creed

In Nigeria, a lot of people perceive libraries as elitist institutions, patronised by only those who can read and write. This explains the need for us to stress the true significance of libraries, especially public libraries, as we need to portray them also as spaces fitting for the unschooled, dropouts, as well as artisans. Hence, the need to make everyone (the seemingly ‘less-elitists’ inclusive) know that they are good enough to make use of a library, and how much information and skill for a better life they can acquire from using a library.

A good number of educated people in Nigeria often abandon libraries after schooling because they do not see the need for using libraries afterwards, and the root of our “wahala” in Nigeria can largely be attributed to that. This also tells us that libraries, in the light of their total essence, have to be redefined to Nigerians. Nigerians need to know that everyone, regardless of demographic and socio-economic status need library services at every stage of life and for one reason or another – at infancy, through school, for workforce development, start-up information, business success, as senior citizens, et cetera. Ironically, we (librarians and libraries) have so much boxed ourselves in as ‘necessary adjuncts for quality education,’ forgetting that …continue reading